Guys I made a Miles Edgeworth blog.

Guys look.


I look a bit tired but I’m no good with pictures. I’m all set for work. I don’t leave for a bit but still.

I was just about to get up to go blowdry my hair when this.

Why cat?

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Really quality RPs I want to respond to but too timid and anxious to reply to them



"She grew up and got a bit older.." Almaz grumbled a bit. "Like heck if I will let you do that.." She just shook her head. "If anyone is acting strange its you!"


How am I acting strange!? What are you implying!? Don’t run your mouth, Fake Hero!


He just rests his head against Mao’s still. He stayed silent for a moment before he eventually answered him, rather hesitantly,

"Well..y-you got so mad about the tail I have. I-I wanted was to try and fix that too. I had to do that while making sure you don’t see me while I’m like this. I-I’m still stuck with the wings and tail right now..I think I grew some fangs too—I’m still looking for some antidote in your lab. I-if you were that angry with just seeing my tail, I didn’t want you to see me at all while I’m like this. It’ll just cause too much stress for you."

Almaz, if you like your wings and tail, keep them. I was just mad thinking another demon manipulated you. You’re naive and I’m the only one allowed to take advantage of that!

       He blushed slightly, turning his head away to hide his persimmon cheeks.

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He tightened his hold on Mao, nuzzling his head lightly. He really did miss holding him this way. His tail even started to wag even more so underneath his coat. He kissed his head lightly, “I already promised I won’t.” He laughed lightly, holding him close and nuzzling his neck lightly.

Almaz… I… why were you avoiding me, anyways?"

       Not that Mao wanted to ruin the mood or anything. He would easily pass it off as scientific curiosity. He just needed to know why his husband could have possibly been avoiding him.

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