He gasped lightly once he saw the small dean passing by. “M-Mao!” He called out weakly, struggling to get the weapon off of him but failed miserably. Then again he wasn’t sure if he should call him out like that, after what Mao had told him about showing any sort of affections in he hoped his lover didn’t hear him. He didn’t want Mao to worry.

     The Dean’s head immediately shot up, looking in the direction of the voice within an instant. His first instinct was to laugh at how the Hero could have possibly gotten himself in such a situation until he saw the massive pool of blood he was surrounded by. Hastily he removed the spear from the wall, and with a twirl wielded it fiercely;

Hero Almaz, tell me which future specimen I need to take out. Who are they!? I’ll make them regret crossing the Overlord!"

       Naturally, of course, this would end up with some sort of vivisection, augmentation, or placement in the back of the lab for torturing experiments even the Dean himself dare not speak of.


Ever since Valentines day, a certain hero was stuck on a collumn wih a spear. He couldn’t remember much of what had happened, especially with the amount of blood he was losing. It isn’t so weird to find someone this way, though it’s difficult to get used to since he is still alive for so long.

     The young Overlord was mindlessly roaming the halls, his head glued to his Slaystation Vita, which he had obtained for Christmas the previous year from an anonymous subject. Buried in the binding spell of his new Super Hero game; Aurum’s Return. Too buried in his game to even notice as he passed the Hero blankly.


If I dropped the title ‘Deus Ex; Human Revolution’ would anyone know what I was talking about?



     Tonao promptly shrugged his shoulders, flustering slightly as Almaz fixed his hair. What was that for, anyways? It definitely confused him in comparison to how Mao treated him. But after a moment, with a small sigh he replied;

Sure, let’s go see him, I guess.

Almaz nodded and decided to lead the way. He felt a little sad though, seeing how sad Tonao seems. “Mao!” He called out, looking everywhere for the dean.

     It wasn’t long until the Dean looked up, having strapped a defenseless blue mage to the prinny statue in the centre of the school. He turned to face Almaz and Tonao, Seems Almaz stumbled across him already;

What is it, Hero? Can’t you see I’m busy?


throws tablet down and walks away


Now accepting formal applications for someone to be my valentine.

Why do you want to be my valentine:

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Playing Outlast, come watch me make an ass of myself.


He hadn’t kissed Mao in a while, which caused him to blush a lot. Despite it was only for a short time. It did slowly stop his tears, wiping it off of his face as he looked away from the demon, “I-I..I t-took the boxes of stuff y-you just went back to your room…o-oh and I ran into Flonne earlier b-but I dont think she h-had anything to do with it..”

Mao held onto the Hero, his eyes falling shut;

Have you tried looking through the boxes? Maybe it fell into one.


His heart stopped for a moment before more tears stream down his cheeks. He couldn’t speak any longer, therefore he just continues looking for it.

Mao swiftly realized that, despite his fury, that wasn’t the attitude to have at the moment. He grumbled angrily under his breath, grabbing Almaz and tugging him close, kissing him swiftly. He was evidentally angry but that should be enough to stop the Hero from crying.

What was the last time you remember having it?


"I-I.." He looked away, finally had given up. Mao was just too stubborn after all. Nervousness could easily be detected as he showed him his hand, trembling a tad, "M-my r-ring.."